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6 thoughts on “Contact Us!

  1. I watched your program on podcast and as I commented to the podcast I really nice to see the girl who was one of my acquaintances in N.K thank for her to spread such truth of N.K

  2. Congratulations for both Casey and Yeonmi in working side by side as co-hosts! I learn new facts from your podcast broadcasting and the style of Casey how to deliver the message is certainly well enhanced with Yeonmi’s very special will to reaveal the inside story of N Korea. Hope your efforts to reveal the facts in N Korea stop the atrocities and eventually re-unite two Koreas.

  3. I found the video about north korean education fascinating. I’m wondering what they’re taught about inventions. Who are north korean children told were the inventors of the telephone and the light bulb. Perhaps you could do a video concentrating on this aspect of the “north korean experience”. Park Yeon-mi is such a sweet person. I’ve seen viscous denunciations of her story but I assume that most likely they’re from north korean bloggers who are forced to try to discredit her story. Give her my best and tell her that I think she is a brave girl indeed for having made it to South Korea and told the truth about this incredibly brutal regime.

  4. When I reread my posting I noticed that I had misspelled the word vicious. If I hadn’t been talking about education it wouldn’t seem like such a glaring error. Now only if Kim Jung Un would admit his glaring errors, end this dictatorship, join the community of nations and South Korea and spare the North Korean people from any more brutality.

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